A Tribute to Jeremy Muzika

Jeremy best man speech 001

Jeremy giving his best man speech at my wedding, June 15, 2003

I shared the following memories of Jeremy at his memorial service at Lake Katherine on June 28, 2014

If it weren’t for music, Jeremy and I probably would have never met. We went to high school together, but except for zero-hour gym class (which was due to band), I don’t think we ever had a single class together. So how did we meet and become the best of friends? Music. It all began with marching band.

I can still remember sitting together in the bleachers on Friday nights during pep band and talking about music: our favorite bands, the newest songs we learned on guitar, new gear, how we’d both be famous rock stars someday…

Music continued to play a big role in our friendship. My wife Tiffinie, Jeremy, & I used to go to concerts together, whether it was to check out one of his bands or to see groups like Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, and Stabbing Westward. I think we all permanently lost some hearing at that last concert—I remember laughing with Jeremy afterward as we drove home down Lake Shore Drive about how we had this horrible ringing in our ears and could hardly hear each other.

And if we weren’t going to loud rock concerts, we were blasting music in our cars and seeing whose subwoofer was the loudest!

Music continued to bring us together through college. When I became music director at the church, Jeremy was the first person I got to come play in the church band with me.

But there was more to our relationship than music. The fact that he and Tiffinie got along so well only brought us closer. We had such a good time going out with him we didn’t even mind if he had a date or came along as a third wheel. Most of his girlfriends we didn’t mind, but there were a few crazies in there. I would know, because we both dated one of them!

Jeremy was there from the very beginning of my relationship with Tiffinie. So naturally, when it came time to get married, having him as my best man was a no-brainer. Yesterday I watched a video of the speech Jeremy gave at my wedding back in June of 2003; never in a million years did I think that in just 11 short years I’d be giving this sort of a speech for him.

Jeremy was such a good friend because we were there for each other when it mattered. Whether it was high school, my wedding, the funeral for his grandma, the baptism of my son, or counseling each other through girl trouble, we were like brothers. I’ll never forget his big smile, or the fact that with Jeremy it was never a handshake, but always a hug.

I know Jeremy’s faith was strong. He asked me to read that passage we heard earlier from John 14 at his grandma’s funeral, and I remember him taking a great deal of comfort in Christ’s promise of those heavenly mansions. He’s with his grandma now, and I look forward to our eternal reunion with him around our Lord’s throne.

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